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For Elementary School Students

These shorter, lighthearted adventures are perfect for ages 5-9

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The Egg-Cellent Mystery of Juliet Grey and Inspector Shell

By West Hyler and Dashiell Hyler

Help a turtle detective or a party squirrel solve one of Central Park's greatest mysteries.

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Acorn-ucopia Mystery of Juliet Grey and Inspector Shell

By West Hyler and Dashiell Hyler

Stripe the Raccoon is back in a brand new adventure! Help Stripe in this 'summer break short', a 4-letter, 3-month adventure.

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For Middle School Students

This adventure is a little more involved, and will challenge the deductive reasoning of ages 10-14

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The Hidden Slipstream

By Elyne Quan

An adventure for young audiences willing to help otherworldly humans save the planet.

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For High School Students

These adventures deal with more mature themes, and will deliver a truly engaging experience for ages 15-18

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Wild Thyme

by Liz Duffy Adams

*Drama League Award Nominee

Help solve a midwinter night's mystery and save the faery realm––and our own, with characters borrowed from Shakespeare.

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By November Christine

Embark on a historical adventure with young Ida B. Wells in the post Civil War South.

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License An Adventure To Perform Yourself

This adventure was specifically written to be performed by theater companies looking to expand into performing plays-by-mail (This adventure is licensed by our partner, Uproar Theatrics).

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Electra's Diary

By West Hyler

Come explore Electra's Diary, which centers around the adventures of an imprisoned teenage daughter of a king from an ancient Greek family. Plot twist: it's happening in contemporary times. And Electra is pissed.

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