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“I am a 5th-grade humanities teacher in New York who started the school year of 2020-2021 fully remote. The fifth grade started their unit in reading and writing focusing on perspective writing and storytelling. I was looking for a writing project that was engaging, interactive, and creative. A project that would allow the students to collaborate and socialize with each other while they wrote because remote learning took a lot away from the students' social experience. When our class explored 2nd-person perspective storytelling, a fifth-grade parent told me about Artistic Stamp, and how it brought interactive theater and storytelling to the individual through letters. When I reached out to Artistic Stamp and told them about our remote situation, they were so accommodating and flexible, especially with the ever-changing structures our school was going through because of state pandemic regulation amendments. The students applied what they learned about 2nd-person perspective storytelling through their correspondence with the writers (actors) through the letters. My grade of 40 students worked in small groups of 5 or less and worked together to come up with their own individual personas and wrote to the actors in character. The fifth graders looked forward to receiving and collaborating in their small groups to respond to their letters. There were many class periods where students would lose track of time because they were so engrossed in solving a puzzle or cracking a code in the letter, or they genuinely wanted to come up with a bullet-proof plan to rescue their correspondence from the dire trouble they found themselves in. Thank you, Artistic Stamp, for bringing theater to the students and giving us a medium to explore storytelling in an unexpected way.”

- Arann K., New York, NY, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of
The Hidden Slipstream

“I adore getting real mail, love being a part of this new form of 'theater', and am really having fun engaging with the story.”

- Dana B., Seattle, WA, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of
The Otherwise

“It's truly been a highlight of my fall… you're providing much-needed personal connection right now. I'm so happy that I got involved, and I'm very appreciative to be part of the Artistic Stamp world.”

- Amy A., South Deerfield, MA, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of
The Wax Box

"I have been party to three Artistic Stamp experiences and found them all equivalent to well-crafted live theatre in their dramatic arcs. The story tellers are talented playwrights. In some ways the delays imposed by letter writing and response have made the passage of time and events seem more anchored. Over time and with responses (personalized) the characters become well developed. Each letter is a small bite which expands with further responses. You can think of the epistolary style as equivalent to that of an epistolary novel. There is a real sense of immersion similar to that which occurs in uninterrupted deep reading. I guess what I would say about these plays is that like all good stories you really wish they would not end. These plays have been particularly welcome activities in the midst of the pandemic however I imagine they would work with or without the latter. Their price is less than live theatre (at least here in New York). I would call them a unique and enjoyable approach to theatre."

- Richard K., Three-Time Artistic Stamp Audience Member

“Every time I open my mailbox and see an envelope from Artistic Stamp, I have a huge smile on my face. The handwritten letters and accompanying post-it notes asking for advice in unraveling the mystery behind “The Constellation Melody” are beautifully written and extremely creative. In these very uncertain and socially distanced times, Artistic Stamp has created an exciting new form of theater - one that combines a captivating storyline with the personal connection of letter-writing. I miss the excitement of live theater, but until that day returns, these artists are forging ahead with a thrilling alternative.”

- Neal M., Bronx, NY, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of
The Constellation Melody

"This is a perfect example of why theater, one of the most ancient arts, has always managed to stay relevant. During this disastrous time a new company has been born and is using their sharpest tools: imagination and chutzpah to turn limitations into opportunities for invention. Their efforts will entertain and safely engage with patrons for a stretch of four months, providing compensation to playwrights and actors (who will take on the role of scribes). We are braced for a long cold winter on the East Coast, but Artistic Stamp has come the rescue with a beacon of vibrant stories that I'm thrilled to offer to our audience."

- Val Day, Artistic Director, 59E59 Theaters

“I have absolutely loved going on this journey with Ida, through Artistic Stamp. I delight in reading her letters and taking some time out of my day to immerse myself in her world. Letter writing is a forgotten art form, and I cannot wait to sit down and compose a reply to Ida, asking about her life and thinking about how it relates to life today."

- C. Myers, New York, NY, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of

"Outstanding Socially Distant Theater"

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