The Plays

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the constellation melody by ben bonnema

The Constellation Melody

By Ben Bonnema

Connect the dots of a haunting melody composed over two centuries in this queer musical mystery.

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ida b wells play by november christine


By November Christine

Embark on a historical adventure with young Ida B. Wells in the post Civil War South.

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the hidden slipstream by elyne quan

The Hidden Slipstream

By Elyne Quan

An adventure for young audiences willing to help otherworldly humans save the planet.

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the wax box by matt schatz

The Wax Box

By Matt Schatz

A darkly comic mystery story about childhood, memory, money, greed, and 1980s basketball.

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fall in love in four (4) months by jahn sood

Fall in Love in 4 Months

By Jahn Sood

Does love always seem someone else's adventure? Here is your chance to get in on the action.

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the otherwise by natalie ann valentine

The Otherwise

By Natalie Ann Valentine

To save the world, discover your own magic and cast spells with the Otherwise.

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