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e·pis·to·lar·y: adjective. Definition: contained in or carried on by letters.

Artistic Stamp is the pioneer of the plays-by-mail genre and a Drama League award nominee for "Outstanding Socially-Distanced Theater". Taking audiences on interactive adventures via handwritten correspondence, Artistic Stamp creates an immersive theatrical world that connects actors and audiences through the power of the written word.

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There were many class periods where students would lose track of time because they were so engrossed in solving a puzzle or cracking a code in the letter, or they genuinely wanted to come up with a bullet-proof plan to rescue their correspondence from the dire trouble they found themselves in. Thank you, Artistic Stamp, for bringing theater to the students and giving us a medium to explore storytelling in an unexpected way.”

- Arann K., New York, NY, Artistic Stamp Audience Member of
The Hidden Slipstream

School is back, and so is Artistic Stamp! Play through an adventure as a class, OR have your students become the actors, and send your local community on an adventure of their own!

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